Team building

Immersia Laval provides the ideal activity for team building events or simply to have fun as a group.

Why Immersia?

Room escape games have become a very popular team building activity for managers and team leaders around the world.

Team work, leadership skills, logical thinking are only a few of the qualities that will be put to the challenge during your team’s visit. With Immersia, you will get a fully customizable turnkey experience. Our lobby can comfortably accommodate around 25 people.

In groups of up to 6 people, you will be immersed in scenarios during which the participants will have to work as a team to find clues allowing them to solve puzzles and escape from the danger that lies inside before time runs out.

The ideal experience


Call us today at 450-687-3888 to talk about your event, or team building activity with one of our team members or leave us your information in the form below so we can contact you at your best convenience.





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