Circus of the Lost Souls

The Filioni Circus was once one of the most impressive shows in the world. The many artists of this circus gave their body and soul for their art and always entertained the public. Young and old walked with great joy on the paths around the big circus tent.

When suddenly, for some mysterious reason, the Filioni circus closed its doors.

Now abandoned for decades, you go on location to revisit this beautiful era. You will not be alone, the famous Viviera, world-renowned mentalist, still rules the site. Keeping prisoner what remains of the artists ... their souls.

Can your presence thwart Viviera's evil plan or, on the contrary, will you be the missing element to complete it?


Number of Players : 2-6

Duration : 60 minutes

Success Rate : 50%

Some elements of the scenario might take you by surprise, but it never is intentionally scary.

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