Published June 22nd 2020 (Updated August 26th 2020)

It is with great excitement that we are finally ready to welcome you back to our establishment. In order to ensure the success of this reopening, we have implemented exceptional sanitary measures that fully correspond to the recommendations issued by public health officials.

The evolving situation could lead to changes in the measures adopted. Updates will also be carried out according to the most recent recommendations of the government and public health officials. Here are the measures for Immersia Escape Games.


Responsibility of the participant


  1. Groups with participants that are not coming from the same address can now make a reservation. The group must not exceed the maximum capacity in place for the scenario. We also ask to maintain reasonable distancing with others and to wear your mask throughout the game.


  1. The participant ensures that he has no symptoms of COVID-19
    • – Breathing difficulty
    • – Fever
    • – Loss of smell, etc.


  1. The participant assures that he has been in quarantine for 14 days if he returns from outside the country, if he has tested positive for COVID-19 or if he has been in contact with someone that has tested positive for COVID-19.


  1. Participants must make a reservation before arriving on site. (No walk-in will be allowed)


  1. We ask that you wear a mask during your visit with us. We encourage you to bring your own, but we will have reusable and disposable masks available for sale. If you refuse to wear a mask during your experience, we will have to ask you to leave the premises. According to the law, starting July 18th, 2020, we are subject to significant fines if the clientele does not wear a mask. It is not excluded that customers may also be subject to fines.


  1. Participants must respect the distance of 2 meters with employees as much as possible.


  1. Hand washing is obligatory.
  • – On arrival at our premises
  • – Before entering a scenario
  • – At the end of the scenario.
  • – Hydroalcoholic solutions such as Purell will also be available to participants in the scenarios.


  1. Accepted payment methods will only be by card and contactless when possible. No cash will be allowed.


  1. Given the current situation, we ask participants to arrive exactly 15 minutes before the start of their activity. The door will be locked, so you will need to ring the bell and one of our staff will come open the door for you. If you arrive earlier, we will ask you to wait outside or in your car. Delays will result in shorter playing time. The scheduled start time for the game must be respected without exception.



Responsibility of Immersia


  1. Adjustments to the circulation flow of participants have been made, as well as to the schedules, to avoid groups crossing each other inside our premises.


  1. Changes have been made to our scenarios to reduce manipulations that do not have a significant impact on the experience.


  1. At each shift, our employees are responsible for disinfecting the premises. We recently acquired a pulverizing machine for each of our location that improves the speed and efficiency of disinfection. The product used is bio and kills 99.9% of viruses that come in contact with it. Every area of our locations are regularly disinfected.
    • – Waiting area
    • – Bathrooms
    • – The scenarios will be disinfected between each group with the pulverizing machine.


    1. Our employees will be provided with personal protective equipment and will maintain a distance of 2m between themselves and with the participants.


    1. We have validated that our ventilation system is functional and regulatory.


    1. A protocol has been put in place if someone shows symptoms of COVID-19 during their presence in our establishement.
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