Escape the Ghost of Emma Albani

Escape the Ghost of Emma Albani

You’re in a 1930’s London abandoned cabaret, the one where the famous diva Emma Albani would perform shows before her death. Recently, you have learned that the cabaret will be destroyed. Rumors are floating around that Emma Albani’s dressing room has been condemned and since then inaccessible.

To celebrate the day of her death, you decide to explore the cabaret yourself. What you might ignore is that legend says, every anniversary of her death, the people that enter the cabaret, never come out alive. Is entering really a good idea? Beware the ghost of Emma Albani, it could still be roaming.

Additional Information

Number of Players: 2-6
Duration: 60 Minutes
Escape Rate: 25%

This is our most challenging scenario but still very accessible even for beginners. It may have a few scary moments if you're afraid of the paranormal.

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