Live the authentic experience of an escape game remotely from the comfort of your home, office or workstation.

Immersia is ranked among the top 25 best escape game companies in the world in 2020 (21st) according to a survey of 600 of the biggest escape game enthusiasts from around the globe.

Why would I want to book a remote escape game live on Zoom?

Reason 1.

Given the current pandemic, it is often recommended to limit social contacts and gatherings. Still, it's important to find ways to get entertained and socialize. The virtual escape game experience allows for a perfect combination of the two.

Reason 2.

With remote work taking more and more space in our lives and opportunities for socialization among colleagues made almost non-existent, this experience becomes a unique team building opportunity.

Reason 3.

If you live at a significant distance from the greater Montreal area and have heard about our scenarios, this is a nice way without even having to put on pants to experience Immersia.

See a demonstration in action.


Connected Experience with Zoom

Each participant from their workstation, desktop or laptop, logs on to a Zoom conference to take part in the experience as a group.

You are in control of the action

Throughout the game, you will have to give indications to a character that will be your eyes and hands inside the room. These indications will determine the course of events.

Manage your inventory

You will have access to an inventory system that will allow each participant to observe different items and elements that have been found in order to solve the puzzles.

You have 60 minutes

Just like a conventional escape game, you will have a maximum of 60 minutes to complete the proposed mission.


The Piccadilly Cabaret

Weekend at the Shack

The Grand Immersia Hotel

Remote Escape Rate

$99.96 CAD/ reservation (Max 4 connections)
$24.99 per additional connexion

Plus applicable taxes

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There is no limit for the number of participants per connection, however we recommend in order to have an optimal experience not to exceed 8 participants in total for the entire group.


Here are some important things to know about your booking for a live virtual escape experience on Zoom.


You must book at least 12 hours in advance and payment is made online at the time of booking.


All of our time slots are in Eastern Daylight Saving Time (Montreal, Toronto, New York)


Make sure each participant has the Zoom app downloaded to their computer or mobile device. The online version on browser is not optimal.


A good internet connection will be needed to ensure fluidity throughout the experience.


Be in a comfortable place, free from any ambient noise distraction. Having two screens is the ideal situation, but it is possible to live the full experience even with one screen.

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If you have questions or wish to book for a team building group, call us at 450-687-3888 or send us your information through the form below so we can call you back.





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