It’s a completely renovated Grand Immersia Hotel that’s celebrating tonight its official reopening. The creme of la creme of Quebec’s people are expected in the iconic lobby, but the event could be a catastrophe… Will it be your fault?

This scenario is accessible for both beginners and experts. It may contain some stressful moments as well as the presence of a character in the game.

Abandoned for decades, the iconic Filioni circus now seems under the influence of a mysterious mentalist. Formerly known for their masterful performances, the artists of this circus all died one after the other during the final performance. Will you be able to change their destinies?

Some elements of the scenario might take you by surprise, but it never is intentionally scary.

The Salutem Medicina Institute offers all enthusiasts of human sciences the opportunity to participate in clinical trials for a drug liable to change the world. So far, no one seems to question too much the exact nature of these tests as well as the potential effects of the drug. Is the reward just too tempting?

considered 16 years and older because it contains graphic images and moments that might be considered inappropriate for young people under the age of 16.

It’s the year 2035 and you are currently serving time for crimes you committed in the Metaverse. Project R.E.S.E.T. is a government program exclusive to metacriminals that could allow you to obtain your release if you demonstrate beyond any doubt that you are able to learn from your mistakes.

This scenario contains a character and is the most technologically advanced available at Immersia. Suitable for all ages.



16 years and older
$ 35,99
  • +tx per person


8 to 15 years old
$ 29,99
  • +tx per person


Up to 7 years old
$ 0,00

Please note that if you reserve on Saturday for a group of 2 participants, the general admission rate is $53.99 and the youth admission rate is $44.99 plus taxes. Applicable on all of the scenarios at the Boisbriand location.


FAQ - On Location Experience

Being on the 2nd floor of a building without an elevator in our Laval location, we don’t have adapted access for people with reduced mobility. Our Boisbriand location though is accessible for people with reduced mobility. Please note that certain portions of our scenarios will not be accessible, but it’s still possible to participate.

No, in case of an emergency, you can always exit at your own will. (Doesn’t count as an escape though!!) And for goodness sake go to the bathroom before starting (We will keep them very clean, promise).

The escape rate displayed for each scenario provides an indication of the difficulty level you will face. The success rate is based on a successful exit with the use of 5 clues or less. In these games, we don’t enforce a limit for clues you can ask. But for statistical purposes, we exclude those that required more clues to get a picture that’s more representative.

We do not feature live actors in Laval location scenarios. Some scenarios in our Boisbriand location will feature live actors. They will never get in direct physical contact with the participants though.

For the Laval location, the general admission rate is $32.99 per person plus taxes. For youth admission aged 8 to 15, the rate is $26.99 per person plus taxes. For children 7 and under it is free when accompanied by at least two paying participants..

For the Boisbriand location, the general admission rate is $35.99 per person plus taxes. For youth admission aged 8 to 15, the rate is $29.99 per person plus taxes. For children 7 and under it is free when accompanied by at least two paying participants..

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Yes, kids and teens have taken part in this experience and they loved it. It is mandatory for groups of children 13 years old and under to be accompanied by at least 1 adult.

The experience is free for children 7 and under when accompanied by at least the minimum number of paid players required for the scenario. Otherwise, the children rate will apply.

During COVID-19, all of our scenarios feature a minimum of 2 people.

The maximum amount of players recommended can vary based on the scenario. Usually the maximum will be between 5 and 8 players. Our experiences are designed in order to be optimal if your group is somewhere between the recommended minimum and maximum. The space available and the amount of elements to accomplish are the two main factors. During COVID-19, we ask that you form groups that don’t exceed the maximum recommended.

In order to ensure that everyone enjoys their experience, it is recommended not to go over the maximum number of players based on the scenario you choose. But, for special group prices, please visit our team building and special groups page or call us at 450-687-3888

No, your reservation ensures that you enjoy a private experience.

You can book online directly on our website by going on the Laval and Boisbriand section. You will have access to our availabilities in real time. If you have questions before booking you can give us a call at 450-687-3888.

A deposit equivalent to one general admission entry will be required at the moment of the reservation. The rest will be paid on location on the day of the activity.

Your deposit will be refunded in full if you cancel your reservation within a reasonable time. A penalty for loss of opportunity will be required for not showing up for the reservation or for a last minute cancellation. This penalty will never exceed the amount paid as a deposit at the time of booking.

Our scenarios are available in French and English. During the booking process, you will be required to indicate your language of preference for the scenario and the interaction with our team.

We are perfectly aware that being separated from your phone for one hour can be difficult, so you can go in with it. But we want to point out that your phone can ruin the immersion and the overall experience, so we strongly suggest that you leave your personal belongings in one of our lockers!

We invite you to visit our team building page. For more details, you can send us an e-mail at or call us at 450-687-3888.

Upon presentation of a valid ID, the birthday person obtains a 50% discount****

*The birthday date can be up to 7 days before or 7 days after the reservation date.

**The discount is granted for groups of 3 or more people only.

***Only one birthday discount can be applied per group even if it’s everyone’s birthday.

****Cannot be combined with any other discount

The scenario contains images of blood, gore and violence as well as moments that could be considered traumatizing for those that are more easily triggered.

Kids 11 and under will not be admitted in this scenario. For those between 12 and 15, we will allow entry only if a parent is also present in the scenario with them and fully aware of the warnings.

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