Online Experience via the Telescape Platform

It’s an experience that can be played alone or in a group, together or remotely. The Telescape platform allows multiple users to participate in the game simultaneously. To help with communication if you are playing with others remotely, we recommend using a conference platform like Zoom to accompany your experience.

Navigate a 360 degree universe in the style of point and click adventure games. Find clues and solve puzzles to complete your mission.

A Classic Adventure Game

No Booking Required

You get instant access to the game at the time of purchase, and you can start your experience whenever you want.

The online escape experiences are approximately 60 minutes long, but you will be able to play them at your own pace without being pressed for time unlike a conventional escape game. *

* It is important to note that once the game has started, the link becomes accessible for a maximum of 72 hours.

Play the game at your own pace

A Very Affordable Experience

Whether you are a single person or a group of 6 who want to play simultaneously, pay just $19.99 plus tax for our online escape game experiences. *

* This rate does not apply to remote escape game experiences with live avatar on Zoom.


Online Escape Rates

$ 19,99
  • +tx
  • Access Key

There is no limit for the number of participants per access key, however we recommend a maximum of 6 in order to have an optimal experience.


This format can accommodate groups of up to 300 people. Create a friendly competition within your company, school or institution to find out which team will complete the puzzles first.


For more details or if you are interested in this online format, contact us by phone at 450-687-3888 or following the link below.


FAQ - Online Escape Games

An online escape game is a point and click adventure video game experience. You will be navigating in a gaming environment that primarily uses 360 degree imagery.


A remote escape game is a live Zoom experience in which you communicate with a character who will be physically in the room with a camera that will allow you to see the whole experience from their perspective.


In both cases you will have to solve puzzles using the clues you will find within the game environment.

No, you only have to pay once for the party to play together in the same game.

Yes it’s possible. We invite you to contact us by phone at 450-687-3888 or by email at to discuss the possibilities depending on the size of your group.

It is essential to have access to a computer or a laptop in order to have an optimal experience. We also recommend that if you are many players participating to have access to a conference platform such as Zoom.

For online escape game experiences, there is no live host. But you will be guided by a tutorial at the start of the game in order to fully understand the game mechanics.

No, as soon as you have completed your purchase, you will instantly get the link to access the game by email. You can start the game whenever you want.

Prices are in Canadian Dollar.

Approximately 75% of the elements of the original game are carried over into this version. So it is likely that you have seen a number of the puzzles already.