Outdoor Adventure



Doctor Hans Bergmann has disappeared.

Behind him, a Spidertech ID card is left on the ground.

Strange, since Bergmann has worked as a government scientist for years. What is SpiderTech? Is it dangerous? And why does the W.I.S.E – World Intelligence Secret Elite – arrive so quickly as soon as it hears this name?

Something strange is going on in Old Sainte-Rose and it must be remedied. Helped by your delegated agent, Laura Hunt, try to find out what SpiderTech is and stop their plan from happening before it’s too late. With your investigation kit and your access to the W.I.S.E database, you have all the tools to complete your mission: Operation Sainte-Rose is waiting for you.


The 2024 season of the Outdoor Adventure “Opération Vieux Ste-Rose” is now open. You can make your reservation now. (Depending on the weather, some weekends may not be available)


A unique experience in old Sainte-Rose in Laval

Form your team and explore one of the most beautiful areas of the city of Laval. Live an adventure that will transport you to different unique locations and where you will have to solve puzzles in order to complete your mission.

Visit our booking calendar to see availability. During the spring and fall periods, the experience is only available on weekends and during statutory holidays.

Book your time slot

On the day of your reservation, go to the Immersia Laval branch to introduce yourself to the experience and get your starter kit. You will then have to drive to the first point of interest in Old Ste-Rose.

Departure point: Immersia Laval

A healthy walk

Once there, you will be able to cover the whole adventure on foot. On a loop of about 1.5km, you will have 3 hours to complete your mission. The last step will take you back to the Immersia Laval location where you will have to hand in the starting kit.

An ideal experience for a group

Whether with family, friends or work colleagues, this experience is ideal for a team of 3 to 6 people.




$ 94,99
  • +tx per team


It is possible to take part in the experience even with light rain. Please plan, umbrellas, ponchos, etc…

If it starts to rain during the experience at too high a level, we will contact you to come back to the branch and it will be possible to obtain a coupon to come back on a new date.

If the weather forecast is unfavorable and you would like to cancel or postpone to another date, please contact us by phone at 450-687-3888 or by email at info@immersia.ca

Pricing is fixed at $94.99 plus taxes for a time slot regardless of the number of participants.

No, however we do take credit card information. A charge of up to an additional $500 is applied if the kit that includes a tablet is not returned in working order.

At least one of the team members must have a fully charged cell phone with access to data.

Yes this is a great family activity.

Yes, a dog can accompany you during the experience.

With the exception of the Immersia Laval branch, the entire experience takes place outdoors.